Online Guitar Lessons and Courses

A lot of people, who know me, always ask how I managed to learn playing guitar without any formal training. For many, online guitar lessons are just a way to improvise, and not learn the basics. Well, I proudly stand out as an exception among my group of friends. Attending formal conventional classes is not my cup of tea due to erratic work schedules. Thus, I decided to sign up for best online guitar lessons on a couple of best instrument learning website and after 1.5 years of dedication and practice, at my own pace and convenient time, I can play any song of my choice without any hesitation. Best part is that even if I forget to use some chords, or feel confused, I simply use my handheld device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop), access some tutorial videos where I know I will get my answer, refresh my skills and just hit it! Taking online classes for learning guitar is one of the best decisions I’ve had made so far. Otherwise, with so many responsibilities and work pressure, I’d have never been able to learn through conventional methods.

Here are a few basic things that I’ll like to share with all of you, to help you give a kick start to your guitar learning passion. With best online guitar lessons, you will learn these things, as I did. For now, it is just a glimpse of what you can expect to learn from a good website.

How To Play Guitar Chords

online guitar lessonsFor a beginner, there are only two basic types: first position and barre chords.

First position chords are played using a combination of pressed strings and open strings of the first three frets of the guitar. On the other hand, Barre chords are movable chords and extremely useful. In barre chords, the index finger frets all notes at a single fret. Most commonly used major chords are A Major, C Major, D Major, G Major, and E Major.

Strum Correctly

Strumming basically consists of upstrokes and downstrokes in various combinations. It requires you to strike all the notes evenly and rhythmically. For this you’d need to keep your elbow tight on the guitar and sweep the pick down through all the strings. Make sure you elbow doesn't move at all during strumming, mostly from wrist.

Learn To Play Some Songs

Moving your hands on all the chords may not be a fun practice, but highly important if you wish to get hold on them. However, once you’re certain with your hand movement, you could start playing some easy chords of your favorite songs. Start with taking up songs with simple chords, and once you’ve mastered them, move to more complex ones. You’d be surprised to see a whole lot of songs are written and composed with just G, C and D chords.

If you’re seriously considering pursuing your passion, remember that creative things are best learned by listening, watching and mimicking the methods of others. There’s no need to take any conventional classes if you can observe and learn from best online guitar lessons. Having friends to share and play tricks can also help you improve your techniques with time. Furthermore, there are ample of videos on best online guitar lessons that you can access on the internet for better communicative lessons.